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MINI 1300 Benzin Müllenbach - Nürburgring

MINI 1300 Benzin Müllenbach - Nürburgring
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MINI 1300 Benzin

Standort:53520 Müllenbach - Nürburgring
Preis:19.500,00 €
Verbrauch innerorts (l/100km):k.A.
Verbrauch außerorts (l/100km):k.A.
Verbrauch kombiniert (l/100km):k.A.
* Rare Spanish-built Mini variant* One of only two believed completed with faux cane furniture side trim* Delivered new in Barcelona* Partially restoredTo many - its designer Alec Issigonis included - the notion that the Mini might have a future as anything other than basic transport was anathema, and the idea of a high-performance version was laughable. One man, though, saw it quite differently. Racing car manufacturer John Cooper already knew a loy about tuning BMCs A-Series engine, and a test drive in a prototype Mini convinced him of the cars competition potential. The result, launched in September 1961, was the Mini Cooper, a car that offered a size/price/performance package that was nothing short of miraculous. The Mini Cooper soon established its credentials as a rally and race winner, and the stage was set for even faster versions. The ultimate Mini of its day, the 1,275cc S pumped out 76bhp while remaining exceptionally flexible, and was good for a genuine 100mph 9161km/h), an astonishing performance at the time. Right from the start in 1959, the Mini was being assembled abroad, though production at BMCs Spanish subsidiary AUTHI (Automoviles de Turismo Hispano Ingleses SA) did not commence until 1968. Delivered new in Barcelona, this Spanish-built Mini Cooper is one of only two believed completed with faux cane furniture side trim, the other being in a museum in Barcelona. The car had been disassembled prior to its acquisition by the preowner and is now partially restored and in an excellent state of presentation. Accompanying documentation consists of a French Carte Grise and sundry invoices from Morisse Nayrat and British Car Centre for works carried out and parts supplied.
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