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Porsche 930 Benzin Bovenden

Porsche 930 Benzin Bovenden
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Porsche 930 Benzin

Standort:37120 Bovenden
Preis:139.000,00 €
Verbrauch innerorts (l/100km):k.A.
Verbrauch außerorts (l/100km):k.A.
Verbrauch kombiniert (l/100km):k.A.
* Fahrzeugstandort: BovendenE-Fenster links, E-Fenster rechts, Klimaanlage, Radio, Schalter 4, Lederausstattung, Schiebedach, Aufbau: Topspeed 260 km/hSteuergerät Neu 05.20011, originale Fuchs-Felgen, deutsche Auslieferung, Top-Originales Auto! Much of the Porsche 911s development had resulted from the factorys racing programme and it was the then Group 4 homologation rules, which required 400 road cars to be built, which spurred the development of Project 930 - the legendary 911 Turbo. In production from April 1975, the Turbo wasnt just about top speed (155mph) it was also the best-equipped 911 and amazingly flexible - hence only four speeds in the gearbox - being capable of racing from a standstill to 100mph in 14 seconds. The Turbos engine was enlarged to 3.3 litres for 1978, gaining an inter-cooler in the process, power increased to 300bhp and the top speed of what was the fastest-accelerating road car of its day went up to 160mph. This particular 911 Turbo was exported to Japan back in 1983 and used by its Porsche enthusiast owner for many years before being placed in storage for some 5-6 years. We are advised that the engine was overhauled recently to cure an oil leak and is now in good condition. Displaying a total of only 81,000 kilometres (approximately 50,300 miles) on the odometer, the car is equipped with sunroof, stereo system and power windows. The vendor describes the car as 99% original and it is indeed unusual to find an early-1980s 911 Turbo that retains its factory-applied paintwork like this example. (It should be noted that although Porsches manufacturers VIN code is WPO, this cars chassis number appears to commence with WPQ). elektrische Sport-Ledersitze, Lack und Restaurationsarbeit/Service mit Belegen für ca. 15.000,- EURO, Motor instand gesetzt 4.200,00 EUR 07/2017. VIN Nr.WP0ZZZ93ZDS000XXXZUBEHÖRANGABEN OHNE GEWÄHR, Änderungen, Zwischenverkauf und Irrtümer vorbehalten!powered by two S
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